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Safe Walking Routes

In an effort to make your child's passage to and from school as safe as possible we have put together a safe walking route. A team of individuals from the school and local municipalities worked arduously in accordance with state and local traffic regulations to find the best route for our Daybreak students.

Daybreak is mostly a walking school. We encourage all students to walk to reduce the traffic through the Daybreak Elementary parking lot. Please follow the directions listed below for your neighborhood. Students who need to cross residential streets should obey stop signs and cross only after looking both ways and then proceed with caution.

Country Crossing Subdivision: Students living at the south end of the subdivision need to exit their side streets or cul de sacs to Harvest Moon Drive. Students are to continue walking until your student can cross at the corner of Kestrel Rise Road. They may then enter the front sidewalk to the school. If the student resides on the north-end of the subdivision walk to 4380 West and then turn on Pale Moon Lane. Turn left on Kestrel Rise and proceed to the crossing at Harvest Moon Drive.

Daybreak Subdivision: Students who reside adjacent to the school on the west of the school should proceed by sidewalk to the crosswalk on Oakmond Rd. Students who reside directly east of Daybreak Elementary should proceed from sidewalk to the crosswalk on Kestrel Rise. Students in the far southwest corner of Daybreak need to leave from their side streets to Grandville Avenue follow it to Firmont Drive, continue down Firmont and cross with the crossing guard at the school. Students in the mid-section of Daybreak Subdivision off of So. Lake Run Road need to follow that main street until it connects with Firmont Drive, then follow it east to the school crossing. All side streets connecting to Oakmond Road need to follow it south to the main crosswalk at the school. All other areas that feed onto Kestrel Rise Road need to follow that street south until they reach Harvest Moon Drive and cross with the guard at the school.

The Crossings Apartment Complex at Frogs Leap: Students will exit their homes and walk to Lake Run Rd. They will continue on this road passing through Daybreak Parkway and continue south to Firmont Drive and then east to Daybreak Elementary School. There is a crosswalk with flashing lights and two crossing guards at the intersection of Lake Run Rd and Daybreak Parkway crossing students through both directions of traffic.

The east entrance will be used as a bus and daycare vehicle entrance only. The west entrance will be used as a student pick-up and drop-off area. Parents are to enter the parking lot at the north entrance and proceed along the curb to the front and drop off your student. Once your student exits the car, proceed and exit at the south end of the parking lot. As space is limited please enter the parking stall area only if you intend to park and enter the building.