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Faculty & Staff


Photo of Leslie Ewell Leslie Ewell Principal
Photo of Franco Preston Franco Preston Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Leslee Cabulagan Leslee Cabulagan Office Assistant
Photo of Lori Herrin Lori Herrin Office Assistant
Photo of Michelle McOmie Michelle McOmie Office Assistant
Photo of Carolyn Mendenhall Carolyn Mendenhall Administrative Assistant

Additional Staff

Photo of Wendy Babcock Wendy Babcock BTS – Theater
Photo of Kyle Crane Kyle Crane Custodian
Photo of Vanda Romney Vanda Romney Teacher


Photo of Andrea Bennett Andrea Bennett Teacher
Photo of Heather Johnson Heather Johnson Preschool/Speech


Photo of Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson Teacher
Photo of Linzi Pettey Linzi Pettey Teacher

First Grade

Photo of Mandy Burton Mandy Burton Teacher
Photo of Nicolle Houtz Nicolle Houtz Teacher
Photo of Kaitlin Kimizuka Kaitlin Kimizuka Teacher
Photo of Amanda Lankford Amanda Lankford Teacher

Second Grade

Photo of Stacey Johnsen Stacey Johnsen Teacher
Photo of Teri Kummer Teri Kummer Teacher
Photo of Jennifer Lunceford Jennifer Lunceford Teacher
Photo of Kim Scarbrough Kim Scarbrough Teacher

Third Grade

Photo of Karolee Diehl Karolee Diehl Teacher
Photo of Jeffray Draper Jeffray Draper Teacher
Photo of Jennine Jensen Jennine Jensen Teacher
Photo of Torre Peterson Torre Peterson Teacher
Photo of Carmen Whitaker Carmen Whitaker Teacher

Fourth Grade

Photo of Diane Holland Diane Holland Teacher
Photo of Allyson Lamoreaux Allyson Lamoreaux Teacher
Photo of Siera Matta Siera Matta Teacher
Photo of Tawna Pippin Tawna Pippin Teacher

Fifth Grade

Photo of Lisa Bateman Lisa Bateman Teacher
Photo of Katharine Bolliger Katharine Bolliger Teacher
Photo of Mauree Pierson Mauree Pierson Teacher
Photo of April Rudd April Rudd Teacher

Sixth Grade

Photo of Jill Frailey Jill Frailey Teacher
Photo of Nancy Kertamus Nancy Kertamus Teacher
Photo of Betsy Lopez Betsy Lopez Teacher
Photo of Makenna Morales Makenna Morales Teacher
Photo of Ramsay O’Connor Ramsay O’Connor Teacher

Special Services

Photo of Kayleigh Breannan Kayleigh Breannan Psychologist
Photo of Michele Couvertier Michele Couvertier Teacher
Photo of Carlynn Jones Carlynn Jones Teacher
Photo of Kendra Kimber Kendra Kimber Speech/Language Pathologist
Photo of Eliza Russo Eliza Russo Resource/Teacher
Photo of Emily Taylor Emily Taylor Speech/Language Pathologist – PT
Photo of Erin Thorpe Erin Thorpe Guidance Counselor
Photo of Desiree Van Dam Desiree Van Dam Teacher