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Parking Lot Safety

Rules for Drop Off / Pick Up

We realize that loading and unloading children at the school is a timely procedure. To ensure each child's safety, we are asking that everyone at the school observe these guidelines.

  • Student Drop Off / Pick Up Area is located in the WEST SIDE AREA ONLY
  • Bus and Daycare vehicle Drop off / Pick Up Area on the Eastside. There should be NO cars parking / waiting on the Eastside.
  • Please pull COMPLETELY FORWARD to the crosswalk or fill in the gap in front of you.
  • Please cross at the cross-walk in the Drop Off / Pick Up when coming from or going to the parking lot.
  • Please obey all traffic markings and those enforcing the drop-off / pick up procedures.
  • Please make drop off /pick up arrangements with your child(ren) ahead of time.

Business to take care of at the school (even if it is quick), please park your car in a designated parking space. Please do not leave your car in the loading zone.

We appreciate your cooperation in making our students safe.