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Help Needed at Daybreak!!!

We are hiring for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are looking for a great part time job that allows you to work in an amazing place, please apply for open positions online at this link.. We are looking for happy, energetic and dedicated people. Here are the positions we currently have open:

  • Classroom Aides, 17 hours weekly working as Literacy aides, Math Aides, a STEM Rotation Aide, and Art Rotation Aide
  • Instructional Aides, 17 and 25 hours weekly working in our Academic Support Classrooms


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2022-2023 Elementary School Fee Schedule

Fee Wavier Guidelines


The Utah State Board of Education may grant an educator one of the following education licenses:

  1. Professional Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has demonstrated all of the State established competencies to be an educator.
  2. Associate Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has met a minimum set of educator requirements and is completing all professional educator requirements to receive a Professional Educator License.
  3. Local Education Agency (LEA)-specific Educator License – a license issued to an individual, approved by the local Board of Education, who has met locally defined competencies to be an educator.

An LEA-specific license area or endorsement may include:

  • Out of State and Internationally licensed educators completing Utah licensing requirements.
  • Educators waiting for university license recommendations.
  • Educators with expired Utah licenses.
  • Educators working towards an Associate license area/endorsement.
  • Career and Technical Education educators completing skills testing.
  • Educators waiting to begin a university licensure program.

Schools may employ individuals holding LEA-specific Educator Licenses, as well as Professional and Associate Educator Licenses, as outlined below based on the employee’s FTE:

Location Type Associate LEA Specific Professional
Daybreak Elementary Elementary 2.4% 0.0% 97.6%