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Parking Lot Safety

Rules for Drop Off / Pick Up

  • Drop Off / Pick Up Area is located at the WEST SIDE AREA ONLY
  • There should be no cars parking / waiting on the east side
  • Please obey all traffic markings in the drop off / pick up area
  • Please make drop off / pick up arrangements with your child(ren) ahead of time.

We realize that loading and unloading children at the school is a timely procedure. To ensure each child's safety, we are asking that everyone at the school observe these guidelines.

If you are dropping off your child for school, please pull COMPLETELY FORWARD to the crosswalk.

If you have other business to take care of at the school (even if it is quick), please park your car in a designated parking space. Please do not leave your car in the loading zone.

For those who live on the east side of the school, we are making a special request to discontinue the use of the road on the east side of the school as your drop off / pick up plan. This road is not approved by the school district for this purpose. It is narrow, unsafe, and unattended by school personnel.

We appreciate your cooperation in making our students safe.