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Photo of Suzie Applegate
Suzie Applegate Safety Aide/Workroom Daybreak ElementaryStaff
Photo of Wendy Babcock
Wendy Babcock BTS – Theater Daybreak ElementaryAdditional Staff
Photo of Lisa Bateman
Lisa Bateman Teacher Daybreak ElementaryFifth Grade
No Photo Available
Andrea Bennett Teacher Daybreak ElementaryPreschool
Photo of Katharine Bolliger
Katharine Bolliger Teacher Daybreak ElementaryFifth Grade
Photo of April Bowen
April Bowen Manager Daybreak ElementaryCafeteria
No Photo Available
Mandy Burton Teacher Daybreak ElementaryFirst Grade
No Photo Available
Leslee Cabulagan Office Assistant Daybreak ElementaryOffice Staff
Photo of Kathryne Clark
Kathryne Clark Resource Aide Daybreak ElementaryStaff
No Photo Available
Michele Couvertier PT Teacher Daybreak ElementarySupport Class 5/6
Photo of Kyle Crane
Kyle Crane Custodian Daybreak ElementaryStaff
Photo of Karolee Diehl
Karolee Diehl Teacher Daybreak ElementaryFirst Grade
Photo of Jeffray Draper
Jeffray Draper Teacher Daybreak ElementarySixth Grade
Photo of Leslie Ewell
Leslie Ewell Principal Daybreak Elementary
Photo of Jill Frailey
Jill Frailey Teacher Daybreak ElementaryFourth Grade
Photo of Angela Green
Angela Green Teacher Daybreak ElementaryThird Grade
Photo of Cindy Hathcock
Cindy Hathcock Kindergarten Aide Daybreak ElementaryStaff
No Photo Available
Erica Hilton PT SLP Daybreak ElementarySpecial Services
Photo of Annaliesa Hoffman
Annaliesa Hoffman Computer Lab Instructor Daybreak ElementaryStaff
Photo of Diane Holland
Diane Holland Teacher Daybreak ElementaryFifth Grade